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Greg Davis - 914-439-3666
Westchester Gold And Silver I am Westchester countys only 100% online gold and silver buyer.
I will come to you or your bank, appraise your gold or silver bullion or coins and make an on the spot offer. If you don't like the offer there is no obligation. If the offer is satisfactory I pay you cash and go. I can meet you anywhere you want, your bank, your accountants office or even the local fire station, where ever you feel comfortable.

Because I don't have the overhead of a store front I can pay you the absolute best price for your gold and silver. I have found that gold and silver buy shops are there to take advantage if they can. For example I was offered 30% of melt in Yonkers last year for 50 Morgan Silver dollars I wanted to sell

Try this, find a gold and silver buy shop and ask them what your items are worth.
Then, call me and get my quote... I am positive you will be happy you did.
Because I don't have to pay for a storefront and I have a great relationship with a midwest refiner I can pay you more than any buy shop or jewelry store.
I buy silver and gold coins and all forms of bullion!

Don't be a victim, call me at 914-439-3666 for the best price.

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